Our success stories

Still recovering from the after effects of Communist rule, the Romania’ population of 22 million has suffered from one of Europe’s most inefficient education systems, and offers children few books in the world’s most common language, English. These limited prospects have not only resulted in the fostering of ignorance, but has made life practically impossible for those seeking a better life elsewhere. In America, there are few immigrants who are forced to work as hard for understanding as the Romanian people.

Our organization is still in its early stages, but with the assistance of kind and caring people like you, we can all work together to change the lives of hundreds of struggling Romanians.  With your support, you can bring these unfortunate people closer to achieving their dreams, and open their eyes to an entire world of opportunities.

Over the years we shipped over 10000 books to :

– Carol I  Middle school CALARASI

– Stirbei Voda Highschool CALARASI

– Vrancea County library, FOCSANI

– Manzalesti and Balanesti schools, BUZAU

– Local library, CALARASI

– Local schools, BUCHAREST