Our mission

LEARN is a non-profit organization that hopes to educate and inspire developing minds, supporting their academics and future goals.  Within this organization our main purpose is to send English literature to children in Romania, providing them with the opportunity to improve their language skills and open their eyes to the rapidly growing international community. LEARN is committed to developing global communication and literacy among Romanian natives by providing English language, education and literature to adults and children in need. We are dedicated to, with the help of our capable and compassionate volunteers, inspire leadership, confidence, and self-assurance in Romanians as they navigate through our expanding international community. Our mission is to help Romanian natives here and in Romania learn English. This mission is important not only because English is a global language but because it is a vital tool in helping Romanians succeed in a better education, career and life. With the help of many we can achieve our goal, and help many of those in need. Every penny helps. By donating 100 dollars or more your company’s name will be printed on all of our tee shirts that will be sold at carnivals, community members and worldwide as well. Any variation of donation will help us make a difference in our community.